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Culinary Fusion Unleashed: LA CAUSA Restaurant Elevates Midtown Miami Dining Scene with Nikkei Gastronomy

Culinary Fusion Unleashed: LA CAUSA Restaurant Elevates Midtown Miami Dining Scene with Nikkei Gastronomy

LA CAUSA, front view.

Causa Kai.

Ceviche Norteño.

Huancaina Octopus.

We are thrilled to celebrate the official opening of La Causa Miami”

— Ricardo Trujillo, LA CAUSA Group.

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, April 10, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — LA CAUSA, a gastronomic conglomerate founded by five Colombian partners, has transformed the culinary landscape with its passion for the fusion of flavors and commitment to excellence.

Located in the heart of Midtown Miami at 3301 NE 1st AVE 107, just diagonal from the HYDE hotel, LA CAUSA Miami is the most recent project of LA CAUSA group. With eight different brands, nineteen offices in Colombia and 228 employees, LA CAUSA is proud to expand its horizons to Miami, carrying with it its commitment to quality, innovation and service.

LA CAUSA Miami offers a unique culinary experience around NIKKEI cuisine, where vibrant flavors and traditional techniques merge to create surprising dishes. Among its specialties are:

Causa Kai: A delicious tower of flavors that features a base of yellow mashed potatoes, accompanied by cream cheese, crispy prawns and avocado, all bathed in a sweet eel sauce.

Ceviche Nikkei: A delight for ceviche lovers, this dish features salmon and shrimp marinated in tiger’s milk in Nikkei sauce, combined with bacon, mixed onion, avocado and crispy carrot.

As for main dishes, LA CAUSA Miami offers a variety of irresistible options, such as Huancaína Octopus and Filet Mignon Acevichado, each made with the freshest ingredients and featured with a touch of unique creativity.

Signature Sushi: For sushi lovers, LA CAUSA Miami introduces a tantalizing selection of rolls, including the Buddha Roll, the Octopus Roll and the Tsunami Roll, each designed to captivate the senses and delight the palate.

And for those who wish to conclude their culinary experience with a sweet touch, LA CAUSA Miami offers the irresistible Causa de Milo, a perfect combination of condensed milk and arequipe ( caramel) dipped between thin pancakes, covered with milo and vanilla ice cream.

Behind each dish is Grupo LA CAUSA’s commitment to excellence and community. The history of the Group is marked by friendship, passion for cooking and the desire to share unique and memorable gastronomic experiences. Camilo Vélez, Ricardo Trujillo, Juan Sebastián Osorio, Hernán Vélez and Alonso Torres, a visionary chef and latest partner, joined their dreams to give life to LA CAUSA restaurant. This exciting culinary journey that today takes them to a new destination, LA CAUSA Miami.

Since its first opening nine years ago in Medellín, Colombia, 
LA CAUSA restaurant has been a pillar in the gastronomic community, contributing to the employment of 125 families and promoting gender equality with 45% of its support staff made up of women. In addition, the group’s growth of 51% compared to the previous year demonstrates its continuous commitment to innovation, quality and table service.

“We are thrilled to celebrate the official opening of La Causa Miami and share our passion for Nikkei food with the Midtown community in the city of Miami,” said Ricardo Trujillo. “We look forward to welcoming our guests and offering them an exceptional dining experience that fuses the best of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine.”

Join us to celebrate the official launch of LA CAUSA Miami and discover the magic of Nikkei fusion!

About LA CAUSA Miami:

LA CAUSA Miami is a restaurant specialized in Nikkei cuisine, which combines the best of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine to create unique and delicious dishes. Located in the heart of Midtown, LA CAUSA Miami offers an exceptional dining experience in a cozy and elegant atmosphere.

It offers continuous lunch and dinner service with parking and easy access.

About LA CAUSA Group:

Grupo La Causa is a gastronomic conglomerate founded by five Colombian partners with the goal of bringing culinary excellence and memorable experiences to its guests. With eight brands with different gastronomic approaches such as Mekong and Bangkok with Thai cuisine, Delirio in Mexican cuisine, Voraz with grill, Italian Romero and La causa with Nikkei cuisine built in a total of nineteen locations, the La Causa Group is proud of its commitment to innovation, quality, service and support for the community. Since its inception nine years ago, Grupo La Causa has been an engine of employment and progress, contributing to the livelihood of 228 families and promoting gender equality with a team where 45% is made up of women.

The Origin of LA CAUSA:

A Nikkei Fusion of Peruvian and Japanese Flavors:

The birth of LA CAUSA arises from the shared love of two types of cuisine: Japanese, especially sushi, and Peruvian. The founders were attracted by the fusion of these two culinary styles, which was already very popular in Peru. thanks to the migration of Japanese to this country. Inspired by this unique and exciting fusion, they decided to embark on the adventure of creating La Causa restaurant, with the vision of offering an authentic and surprising gastronomic experience. Behind each dish is Grupo la Causa’s commitment to excellence and community, keeping alive the essence of its history and the spirit of innovation that has led it to success.

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