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Defying Bullying, Paving the Way for Global Empowerment

Defying Bullying, Paving the Way for Global Empowerment

Overcoming Pain to Embracing Power: Meet the Women Defying Bullying with Fashion Forward Empowerment, Bringing Confidence and Compassion to Miami

MIAMI , FLORIDA , UNITED STATED, March 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Prepare to witness a groundbreaking fusion of strength and unyielding spirit as astound fashion visionary, founder of La Peony Clothing (LPC), Melony Huber and healthcare powerhouse turned fashion icon, ‘America’s Favorite Doctor’, Dr. Laura Purdy, team up to take a stand against bullying and promote empowerment through fashion at The Betsy Hotel.

LPC’s Miami Fashion Pop-Up, launching Women’s Fashion and Design Week (WFDW) in Miami, will feature a stunning runway show, including LPC’s latest authentic and sustainable collections. The event kicks off with a Pre-Runway Happy Hour at The Betsy in South Beach, presenting a powerful statement against bullying and redefining global empowerment for women.

LPC’s Fashion with Purpose pop up happy hour will take place at the vibrant aura of The Betsy in South Beach, transcending industries to redefine empowerment for women worldwide and stance against bullying. Their collaboration, in support of Boo2Bullying (B2B), aims to highlight the deeply intertwined issues of bullying, health, and fashion in our daily lives, showing how to overcome challenges while feeling confident and supported.

What: Be part of a groundbreaking event where La Peony and Dr. Laura Purdy demonstrate how fashion can be a powerful tool to combat bullying and promote confidence. A portion of the proceeds will support Boo2Bullying initiatives.

Where: The prestigious Betsy Hotel, Miami, 1440 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 3313

When: Join us on March 9th, 2024, from 12 pm to 3 pm ET

Why: Immerse yourself in an event that intertwines fashion, empowerment, and advocacy, showcasing how positive change can be achieved through philanthropic initiatives.

Find out how fashion, support, and philanthropy intersect as La Peony and Dr. Laura Purdy pave the way for future generations. Enjoy light bites, cocktails, networking, and impactful discussions while advocating for positive change and standing against bullying at BOO2BULLYING.ORG.

The Fashion with Purpose Pop-Up event represents a fusion of fashion, purpose, and philanthropy, highlighting the shared commitment of La Peony and Dr. Laura Purdy to empower individuals and create a better future through ethical initiatives. Celebrate their dedication to making a difference, embracing confidence, and fostering resilience in the face of adversity, all while transcending the boundaries of the fashion industry.

La Peony, led by visionary entrepreneur Melony Huber, and Dr. Laura Purdy, a driving force on the board of Boo2Bullying, exemplify the intersection of fashion, healthcare, and social impact. Their collaboration showcases the power of conscious fashion choices in promoting confidence, advocacy, and support, inspiring individuals to rise above bullying and embrace their true selves.

Experience the Fashion with Purpose Pop-Up event, an intersection of fashion, Oaxacan craftsmanship, and anti-bullying advocacy, showcasing elegance, purpose, and artistry. Witness the debut of La Peony’s latest line and be part of a movement that celebrates authenticity and community while benefiting BOO2BULLYING.ORG.

Join us at the La Peony Pop Up event and witness the convergence of fashion, purpose, and philanthropy. Experience an afternoon of empowerment, inspiration, and celebration as we honor Women’s History Month in grand style. Seize this opportunity to engage with remarkable women, embrace confidence, and stand together in solidarity against bullying.

For more information about La Peony Clothing, visit lapeonyclothing.com or follow @LaPeonyClothing. Stay connected with Dr. Laura Purdy and Boo2Bullying by following @AmericasFavoriteDoctor and @Boo2Bullying on social media. Together, let’s empower, inspire, and uplift each other on this remarkable journey towards a brighter, more inclusive future.


About La Peony (PEE-UH-NEE) Clothing (LPC):

Founder Melony Huber introduces a sustainably-sourced collection of timeless fashion pieces for women designed to “move with you through every stage of life.” Proudly working with Oaxaca-based female artisans, La Peony is a brand that uplifts the modern wardrobe and supports the lives of the skilled women who create the fabrics. Each piece nurtures the unique beauty in every woman while supporting a lifestyle of love for the planet. Ethically sourced in Oaxaca, Mexico and made with sustainable dyes in Los Angeles, browse the complete line at LaPeony.com. Follow @La_Peony_Clothing on Instagram for style inspiration, behind-the-scenes artisan features, and brand updates. La Peony – Founded by women, made by women, for every woman. “Look within and find your beautiful.” Affiliate Link: http://www.shareasale.com/join/LaPeony

Dr. Laura Purdy, MD, MBA -“America’s Favorite Doctor”

Board-certified Family Medicine Physician & Medical Director of SWELL Medical (SMed)

With a profound dedication to shaping the future of digital healthcare, Dr. Laura Purdy, MD, MBA – known as “America’s Favorite Doctor” – stands as a leading figure in the medical community. As a board-certified Family Medicine Physician and the esteemed Medical Director of SWELL Medical (SMed), Dr. Purdy delivers exceptional care to patients nationwide. Her collaborative efforts with industry leaders aim to pioneer virtual health solutions that elevate the standard of care. Having commenced her impactful journey as an Army physician, providing vital telehealth support to soldiers and their families over 14 years, Dr. Purdy has emerged as a highly sought-after expert and advisor in the field of digital medicine, supporting numerous premier telehealth providers and has had licenses in all 50 states (including DC). Learn more about Dr. Laura Purdy at drlaurapurdy.com and on instagram @AmericasFavoriteDoctor.

Discover a new way of healthcare at SWELLCARE.HEALTH and follow @Swellcare.health.

About Boo2Bullying (B2B):

Boo2Bullying (B2B) is a leading youth development and suicide prevention organization dedicated to providing educational resources, mental health support, and empowerment programs for youth and families affected by bullying. Founded in 2011 by Dimitri Halkidis, Boo2Bullying has been committed to empowering students (grades K-12) with tools for self-advocacy and creating safe communities that combat bullying, discrimination, and intolerance. Through school programs, community outreach events, and a strong social media presence, B2B has impacted the lives of thousands of young individuals, particularly focusing on Latino and LGBTQ+ youth. B2B’s President and Executive Director, Dimitri Halkidis, along with Vice President Cassie Scerbo, have been instrumental in pioneering a modern approach to empowering youth and saving lives. The organization has presented school assembly programs to over 25,000 youth since 2019 and continues to expand its reach, making a profound impact in local communities and beyond. Visit boo2bullying.org.

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