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Entrepreneur Helen Perry Offers Business Services and Luxury Fragrance Line

The Companies that Care – What’s in the Name Behind the Brand

NORTH CAROLINA, US, April 19, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Helen Perry, also known as “Empress” Helen, founder of Thr33land Enterprises and the luxury fragrance brand Rhejoli, Inc. is making waves in the business, entertainment and entrepreneurial community.

Under the umbrella of Thr33land Enterprises multi-faceted business marketing design company Empress Helen provides a diverse array of services and is actively involved in booking stage performances for notable national recording artists, music production projects, creating content for reality television shows. Helen is the creator, designer and event developer of Sight & Sound Experience Gala events for two music and entertainment legends, Grammy and Soul Train legends 1st A&R man of Motown, Mickey Stevenson, and Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Ronald Isley celebrating his liquor brand “Liquid Gold.”

Deeply committed to various outreach projects Helen, music industry songwriter now shares her knowledge and experiences with aspiring creatives and entrepreneurs through practical guidance, step-by-step strategies, insider tips, and valuable tools, empowering individuals to connect the dots to realize their vision with “The Blueprint: Guide for Entrepreneurs and Independent Artists” workshop.

Additionally, Helen continues her mission to support and inspire others by guiding them through her transformative journey of self-empowerment and inner healing with the “Diamonds & Pearls: Recognizing Your True Value” workshop. These interconnected concepts hold the potential to bring about profound personal growth, transformation, and well being.

Rhejoli, her luxury fragrance brand offers an array of products to help you feel beautiful inside and out to help you feel your best. Helen is dedicated to the mission of eradicating all forms of bullying and fostering a safer, more compassionate world. Through our continued support and initiatives, we advocate for kindness, empathy, and inclusion.

Our company’s focus lies in elevating mental health awareness and promoting a culture of understanding and acceptance. With a commitment to empowering individuals to embrace their uniqueness and foster resilience, we aim to create a positive impact on the lives of those affected by bullying. Rhejoli supports campaigns against bullying and suicide prevention. BU – Be You! Bullying is Unacceptable.

Thr33land Enterprises, LLC is a leading provider of strategic business products and services, specializing in grass-root, small, and mid-size ventures, as well as entertainment companies, entrepreneurs, and independent artists.

For more information: Thr33land Enterprises [email protected] and Rhejoli, Inc. [email protected]

Helen Perry
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