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GAST Clearwater Becomes VVater: A Next-Generation Water Treatment Company

Kevin Gast to steer the U.S.-based company VVater, pioneering a new era water solutions for all humankind

GAST Clearwater, the Austin, TX-based advanced water treatment company & property developer, announced today that it has now become VVater. The change reflects the company's evolution and focus on a more advanced, next-generation, sustainable future.

VVaters' approach to water is rooted in a deep respect for the world around us; by eliminating chemical, biological, filter, and membrane treatment methods, VVaters' scalable technologies have been engineered to treat a diverse range of water sources while driving down operational and capital expenses, utilizing a small footprint.

The team that backed Elon Musk during the early days of Tesla & Space-X is also invested in VVater, with industry titans like Draper playing a pivotal role.

VVater services various markets globally, including artificial beaches, surf parks, municipal wastewater, produced water, industrial process water, and various others. VVater has been previously dubbed the "Tesla of Water" due to its Farady Reactors utilizing a next-generation process called A.L.T.E.P. that utilizes small amounts of electricity to destroy microorganisms, alter mineral content, manage chemical processes, and destroy PFAS. This has allowed VVater, with its unique approach, to focus on water recovery and recycling, whether centralized or decentralized. This transformative rebrand illustrates VVater's drive to position itself at the vanguard of efficient and sustainable water management.

"Water is our greatest unifier, it knows no prejudice, and yet, this life-giving essence is under siege today. The sanctity of our water sources, the silent crisis of water availability, and the silent micro-organisms killers rob humankind of their health, dignity, and hope. VVater is more than just a next-generation water treatment company; it's the cornerstone of sustainability and a promise of a better, healthier tomorrow for all humankind," said Mr. Kevin Gast, Chairman & CEO of VVater.

VVater is on a mission to provide Pure Clean Water for All Humankind, doing so in a sustainable, eco-friendly, cost-efficient life-saving way.

For more information about VVater, please visit www.vvater.com

Contact Information:
VVATER Media Office
Global Media Room
[email protected]

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