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GreenLight Urgent Care Looks to Keep Season Merry & Bright with Holiday-Related Health Risk and Injury Prevention Tips

GreenLight Urgent Care Looks to Keep Season Merry & Bright with Holiday-Related Health Risk and Injury Prevention Tips

HAMMOND, LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES, December 15, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — The joyous Holiday Season, synonymous with celebrations and togetherness, also brings with it indulgence, busy schedules, late nights, stress and a heightened risk of accidents and health issues.

GreenLight Urgent Care, a leading provider of urgent medical care in Louisiana’s Hammond and Covington communities, typically sees a rise in certain types of injuries and illnesses specifically during the holiday season. GreenLight Urgent Care is sharing health and safety insights and essential tips to help the community avoid unnecessary injuries this season.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), last holiday season witnessed 14,800 people seeking emergency room treatment for holiday decorating-related injuries alone. GreenLight Urgent Care providers emphasize the importance of staying vigilant and using an abundance of caution when doing out-of-the-norm activities, like decorating, to ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

The Most Common Holiday-Related Accidents and Illnesses include:

Food Poisoning: With feasting being a hallmark of the holidays, GreenLight Urgent Care stresses the importance of proper food handling and cooking to prevent foodborne illnesses. Washing hands and surfaces before and after handling food is crucial.

Holiday Decorations: Decorating homes during the holidays is a cherished tradition, but it comes with risks. Climbing on ladders poses a risk of falls, lights, cords, and ornamental décor also pose potential hazards, especially for children. Of the estimated 18,000 people injured by Christmas decorations each year, approximately 1,900 (10%) of them are younger than age four.

Choking Hazards: Small decorative items and candies can pose choking hazards to children and pets. Keeping these items out of reach and supervising children is crucial.

Burns from Candles or Cooking: Monitoring open flames and heat sources is essential to prevent burns from candles or cooking accidents.

Poisonings: Certain holiday plants and excess consumption of alcoholic drinks can lead to poisonings. The experienced providers at GreenLight Urgent Care advise keeping poisonous plants out of reach of children and pets and being mindful of alcohol consumption.

The following tips can help serve as a guidepost to keeping families safely home for the holidays, and away from emergency medical visits, this season:

Safe Decorating Tips:

• Don’t decorate alone, especially while using a ladder.

• Check artificial trees for “fire resistant” labeling.

• If using a live tree, cut off 2 inches of the trunk, water it, and remove it when dry.

• Place trees away from heat sources.

• Avoid breakable ornaments on lower branches.

• Inspect lights for any damaged cords or loose bulbs to prevent electrical shocks or fires.

• Use indoor lights indoors and outdoor lights outdoors.

• Replace damaged light sets promptly.

Food and Alcohol Safety Tips:

Food Safety Tips:

• Keep raw and cooked foods separate.

• Refrigerate leftovers within two hours.

• Cook meats thoroughly using a food thermometer.

• Wash hands frequently.

Cooking Safety:

• Stay in the kitchen while cooking.

• Use timers to prevent burning.

• Keep flammables away from the stove.

• Dress appropriately to avoid fire hazards.

Alcohol Safety Tips:

• Drink in moderation.

• Designate a non-drinking driver.

• Check with your doctor and be aware of food and alcohol interactions with medications.

Toys and Choking Prevention:

• Supervise children closely during eating and play.

• Keep small objects out of reach.

• Choose age-appropriate toys and avoid those with small parts.

• Exercise caution with toys containing button batteries or magnets.

• Provide appropriate safety gear for riding toys, especially helmets.

GreenLight Urgent Care providers also stress the importance of protecting yourself and your loved ones this holiday season with proper handwashing, skipping gatherings if you are not feeling well, and getting vaccinated against viruses like the flu, Covid, and other respiratory illnesses that are on the rise right now.

GreenLight Urgent Care is staffed by a team of experienced healthcare providers that specialize in urgent care, offering a comprehensive range of services to address the immediate healthcare needs of individuals and families. The clinics offer a diverse range of quick and convenient preventive and urgent care services, from diagnosing and treating common ailments to providing x-rays and lab tests on site, to managing minor to moderate trauma for non-life-threatening conditions such as fractures and lacerations. At the core of its operations, the Hammond and Covington urgent care facilities place a premium on utilizing high-level technology to deliver outstanding patient care, virtual care, and essential wellness services such as Pre-Employment screenings, TB skin tests, pediatric care, sports physicals, comprehensive aftercare and care management, flu shots, and other vaccinations.

GreenLight Urgent Care in Hammond is open Monday-Thursday, 8am-7pm, Friday, 8am-6pm, and Saturday, 8am-5pm. Closed on Sundays. GreenLight Urgent Care in Covington is open Monday-Thursday, 9am-5pm, and Friday, 10am-4pm. Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

The clinics accept most major insurance plans, with prompt attention to walk-in patients, and offer the ability to register, book appointments, and view wait times in real time at https://www.greenlightuc.com.

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