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Holiday Moving Tips from Local Portland Movers

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Qualified Moving Services in Portland

Qualified Moving Services in Portland

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Residential Movers Portland, Oregon - Smoove Movers LLC

Residential Movers Portland, Oregon – Smoove Movers LLC

Make any holiday move a breeze with these expert tips from The Smoove Movers, the trusted Portland movers

PORTLAND, OREGON, USA, December 1, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Smoove Movers understands the holidays can be a hectic time. Between decorating, hosting events, shopping for gifts, and other seasonal activities, relocating during this busy time of year may seem overwhelming. However, with careful planning and the right help, a holiday move doesn’t have to derail celebrations.

As one of Portland’s most trusted moving companies, The Smoove Movers wants to ensure any relocation goes smoothly even with a schedule likely already filled. The experienced team has assisted many clients through holiday transitions over the years and learned valuable lessons along the way. Here are some of The Smoove Movers top tips to help make any upcoming move less stressful:

Start planning early. The holiday season is rarely a slow time, so the more preparations that are done in advance, the better. Make arrangements for the move as far ahead as possible to secure services and give plenty of time to pack unhurriedly.

Consider timing a move strategically. If possible, schedule relocation for after major holidays rather than right before or during. Moving in between celebrations when things have slowed a bit can make the process less hectic.

Enlist extra help. Don’t try to take on everything alone. Recruit friends and family to assist with packing, lifting, driving, and unpacking so the work gets done more quickly and easily. Hiring professional movers from a company like The Smoove Movers can also alleviate much of the burden.

Pack non-essentials early. Focus the packing in the weeks leading up to the move on items that won’t be needed immediately rather than waiting until the last minute. This spreads out the work and leaves fewer tasks to complete right before departure day.

Leave room for decorations. Be sure to save space in the moving boxes and vehicles for holiday decor that may be needed to set up promptly at the new home. Proper planning prevents clients from having to scramble to find room for lights and ornaments.

Stock up on supplies. Make sure to pack tape, markers, wrapping, and other moving essentials that will also come in handy for gift-giving and holiday prep. Being prepared means one less errand to run during busy times.

Prioritize important documents. Don’t forget critical paperwork like IDs, insurance info, warranties, and medical records that may need quick access to. Consider keeping these separate from other belongings for easy access.

We hope these tips provide a helpful starting point when preparing for a holiday move. For stress-free seasonal relocation, consider partnering with a professional moving company. The Smoove Movers is here to help make any transition seamless so clients can fully enjoy the holidays!

Another important consideration is how the new home will be ready for both clients belongings and holiday festivities. Be sure to communicate closely with real estate agents or landlords about precise move-in timing, so the property will be in suitable condition upon your arrival.

If the move coincides with particularly active travel or visitor periods, enlist some short-term storage assistance. The temporary storage of non-essential items can alleviate stress by removing the pressure to immediately unpack everything.

In conclusion, handling a relocation during the holidays requires some extra planning forethought but doesn’t have to ruin favorite annual traditions. By following tips like timing the move strategically, enlisting help, prioritizing tasks and communicating needs in advance, anyone can make the process as seamless as possible.

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