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Home-Tech Announced by LIVV: First to Deliver on Discreet Domestic Health Monitoring

Las Vegas World Premiere

In a breakthrough of note, Growth Holdings of Las Vegas has developed a mindful luxury home that is not just smart and provides unparalleled convenience but also cares for, and monitors, the occupants’ health.

GH customizable luxury home subsidiary LIVV has just unveiled the first-ever home that uses artificial intelligence to detect the possible onset of Alzheimer’s disease by monitoring for early tell-tale signs.

Growth Holdings chairperson and CEO Philippe Ziade has long been recognized as a pioneer in advanced home automation with an emphasis on healthy living. He was the first to successfully deploy artificial intelligence to unify disparate home automation features into a single unified system in which all constituent parts work together and respond dynamically to a change in circumstance.

LIVV Homes were amongst the first the incorporate a fully automated hospital-grade air filtration system that detect and removes pollutants, irritants, and other potentially toxic particle matter.

The LIVV smart system adds multiple layers of comfort and security to LIVV Homes with settings adjusting on-the-fly to the occupants’ individual lifestyle preferences and needs. The LIVV smart home has been described as offering a near-magical experience.

Growth Holdings bundles the energy, knowledge, and technological prowess of over 60 companies operating in different fields – from education and healthcare to renewable energy and construction – and present on three continents.

In the Las Vegas metro area, LIVV is building three luxury communities for its unique homes. The company offers ten strikingly modern designs, each with multiple floor plan options in addition to hundreds of individualized combinations, including interior design styles, add-ons, and features.

LIVV homes and communities are net zero by conception and design. Their negligible environmental footprint represents a major advance, enabling no-compromise luxury living while meeting the strictest sustainability standards.

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