How To Delete a Post/Page In WordPress Site in Minutes

WordPress CMS is one of the best CMS today, Speed up your website development work with 0 codings. Any non-tech person can create stunning websites. In this article I will help you to understand How to delete any pages or post in WordPress in just a few simple steps. You will be surprised to know that buzznews10 is also created in WordPress. Follow the given below steps.


How To Delete a Post or Page In WordPress Site

  • First, log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Now click to post, check the below image.

How To Delete a Post or Page In WordPress Site

  • Now select the post which you want to delete, as shown below.

how to delete post from wordpress database

  • After selecting the post which you want to delete select this move to the trash option and hit apply, as shown in the image below.

wordpress org login dashboard

  • Now, click to the trash button, as shown in image below.

delete custom post in wordpress

  • After clicking to the trash button, The post will show which you want to delete, Select the post and hit to the option ” delete permanently”. check below pic.

 how to remove posts from wordpress home page

  • It’s done, your selected post will be deleted permanently and there is no option to get it back.
  • If you want to delete complete post and page at once then Install wp reset free plugin and run. It will delete everything and load your WordPress as fresh new.


Final Words

Using the above process you can delete any post or page in WordPress. Hope the complete guide about how to delete post or page in WordPress is clear now.  Thank You.

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