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Innovative Mental Fitness Training Platform, 2Mynds Partners With USTA NorCal to Elevate Athlete Performance Through Mental Fitness

In a groundbreaking move aimed at enhancing athlete performance, USTA Northern California (USTA NorCal) announces its partnership with 2Mynds, a pioneering mental fitness training startup. This collaboration seeks to redefine the approach to mental health challenges prevalent among high-performance tennis athletes.

The 2Mynds Mental Fitness Training Platform represents a paradigm shift by seamlessly integrating exercise physiology with psychology, moving from traditional therapy-based approaches to a more proactive training-focused model. Despite possessing the requisite skills, many athletes struggle to maintain performance under pressure. 2Mynds addresses this by introducing progressive mental workouts akin to physical training routines, ensuring athletes are equipped to excel in competitive environments.

“We’re excited to partner with 2Mynds,” says Beth Workeneh, Senior Manager of Junior Competition at USTA NorCal. “Their innovative approach complements our commitment to support athletes both on and off the court. By making mental fitness training more accessible and normalized, we’re empowering our tennis community to excel under pressure and achieve their full potential.”

Leon Bax, Ph.D., Founder & CEO of 2Mynds, expresses gratitude for the partnership with USTA NorCal, emphasizing the importance of mental fitness training for athletes. "This is a wonderful collaboration for us as it allows us to support a community of tennis players of all ages and levels, even coaches and officials. Our goal is not only to enhance performance but also to provide individuals and teams with the resources they need for their emotional well-being during the more challenging moments in life," says Bax.

As USTA NorCal continues its commitment to fostering athlete development, the partnership with 2Mynds marks a significant step towards prioritizing mental fitness training alongside physical aspects. Athletes and coaches will be able to make use of the USTA NorCal discount and periodic special offers to access the resources of 2Mynds' Flow 255® platform. To experience the transformative power of the 2Mynds platform, which was designed to optimize performance and well-being, USTA NorCal members can sign up for one month of free platform access and get an exclusive discount code provided by USTA NorCal to continue using 2Mynds’ resources. If you are a USTA NorCal member and would like to utilize the discount code, reach out to the 2Mynds team at [email protected].

About USTA NorCal: USTA Northern California is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and developing the growth of tennis throughout Northern California and Northwest Nevada. Our mission is to build an active tennis community, welcoming players of all ages, and skill levels. USTA NorCal offers a variety of resources to support the growth of the sport. For more information on USTA NorCal, visit https://www.usta.com/norcal/.

About 2Mynds: 2Mynds is a leading mental fitness training startup with the mission to help individuals and organizations thrive at life. Founded by Leon Bax, Ph.D., 2Mynds offers innovative mental fitness solutions to athletes through their Flow 255® platform. For more information about 2Mynds, please visit https://www.2mynds.com/.

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Original Source: Innovative Mental Fitness Training Platform, 2Mynds Partners With USTA NorCal to Elevate Athlete Performance Through Mental Fitness
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