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Mimosa Leviosa: Making Magical Moments via Kickstarter

Mimosa Leviosa:  Making Magical Moments via Kickstarter

Mimosa Leviosa launching it’s new line of enchanting handcrafted glassware and accessories next week!

Mimosa Leviosa is more than bespoke glassware; it’s a lifestyle and a philosophy of recognizing joy in the now”

— Erik Sorensen

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, March 22, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In an enchanting blend of elegance and joy, Mimosa Leviosa proudly announces the one-week countdown to the upcoming launch of its Kickstarter campaign on March 27th.

This innovative venture introduces a line of exquisitely designed champagne and prosecco glasses, each piece a beacon of celebration and a bearer of magic. Founded by Erik Sorensen, a connoisseur of life’s joyous occasions, Mimosa Leviosa aims to transform every toast into a magical experience.

Who: Founded by Erik Sorensen, alongside a talented team of artisans and designers, Mimosa Leviosa emerges from a vision to celebrate life’s sparkling moments. With a background enriched by design excellence and a passion for creating memorable experiences, the team brings Mimosa Leviosa to life.

What: Mimosa Leviosa’s Kickstarter campaign introduces a line of high-quality, handcrafted, lead-free crystal champagne and prosecco glasses with accompanying accessories. Available in two flute styles: the elegant Angled and the contemporary Tulip, each glass is designed for perfect balance & bubbles and engraved with the enchanting Mimosa Leviosa insignia and invites users to a world where every sip is a celebration infused with magic.

When: The campaign launches on March 27th, igniting a 30-day journey to bring Mimosa Leviosa’s vision to life. Early backers and enthusiasts of wonderful moments are invited to join this inaugural venture, ensuring the magic spreads far and wide.

Where: The magic begins on Kickstarter, offering backers the first opportunity to partake in exclusive rewards while becoming a part of Mimosa Leviosa’s story from the beginning. Following a successful campaign, Mimosa Leviosa plans to expand its distribution of happiness through new product offerings and territories via its online platform www.mimosaleviosa.com and future collaborators.

Why: At the heart of Mimosa Leviosa lies a mission to elevate ordinary moments into extraordinary celebrations. “Mimosa Leviosa is more than bespoke glassware; it’s a lifestyle and a philosophy of recognizing joy in the now,” Erik Sorensen reflects. “We believe in the magic of togetherness and in exalting life’s simple pleasures. Our goal is to capture the essence of great moments that turn every toast, every sip, into a memorable experience.”

In a world craving connection and levity, Mimosa Leviosa stands out by offering more than just glassware; it offers an experience. “We believe in celebrating the everyday, and our products are crafted to make those moments feel extra special,” says Sorensen. “Mimosa Leviosa is about capturing the essence of elation in a glass.”

The Kickstarter campaign not only offers a first look at Mimosa Leviosa’s enchanting collection but also presents exclusive rewards for early supporters including bespoke giftsets and early-supporter specials.

Mimosa Leviosa extends a warm invitation to join its Kickstarter campaign, to not only support a brand but to embrace a lifestyle where every moment is worth celebrating. Let’s make the world a lighter and bubblier place, one toast at a time.

For additional information, media inquiries, or to arrange an interview with Erik Sorensen, please contact [email protected]

About Mimosa Leviosa:

Mimosa Leviosa elevates the art of celebration through beautifully handcrafted glassware and accessories that are designed to bring magic to everyday moments. Founded on the principles of joy, elegance, and the timeless tradition of togetherness, Mimosa Leviosa is not just a brand—it’s a celebration of life. Discover more at: www.mimosaleviosa.com

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Let’s Toast to Wonderful Moments Together


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