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SAWC Spring will be in Full Bloom with Evidence for Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

Kent Imaging will be exhibiting at SAWC Spring demonstrating the new proprietary algorithm of the SnapshotNIR (KD205) device.

This year is especially exciting as we are showcasing Snapshot KD205 keeping Kent at the forefront with an imaging algorithm that can assess patients of most skin tones on any location on the body.”

— Pierre Lemire, Kent Imaging CEO

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, May 13, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Kent Imaging, a leader in near-infrared spectroscopy imaging devices, will be exhibiting at SAWC Spring which will be held in Orlando, Florida, May 14-18th. Kent’s booth, 418, will have multiple demonstration tables and product experts available to answer questions and to show the imaging device, SnapshotNIR, in action.

This is a terrific opportunity to see the only device that captures and displays tissue oxygen saturation, as well as oxy-, deoxy-, and total-hemoglobin images in individuals of almost all skin tones at any location on the body.

Support and evidence for the efficacy of near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) are continuing to grow in this space. With SnapshotNIR in the hands of physicians and clinics across the US, this year at SAWC there will be numerous posters highlighting the utility of Snapshot in clinical use cases.

Among the posters there will be key findings presented from Dr. Charles Andersen, MD, and his research assistant Homer Christian-Reiter, including early detection of pressure injuries, and monitoring wound healing pre- and post-debridement.

Physicians continue to show enthusiasm for the clinical value that SnapshotNIR can bring to the table for chronic wound care. It has been demonstrated that rates of amputation are reduced when NIRS imaging is used at point-of-care and throughout the therapeutic pathway. As an example, Mercy Wound Center and Hyperbarics in Springfield, MO compared healing and amputation rates from 2021, pre-SnapshotNIR, with 2022 data, when SnapshotNIR was implemented as part of their clinical workflow. Healing improved from 52% to 72% and amputation rates reduced from 12% to 7.6%.

Chronic wound recurrence has also been shown to be reduced when StO2 of the wound and peri-wound reach baseline levels, often occurring after full wound closure on visual inspection. Specifically tracking the trends of oxy- and deoxy-hemoglobin can provide a useful map of the patient’s wound guiding the physician’s clinical decision-making (Andersen et al 2023).

Kent Imaging is excited to expand imaging accessibility with the recent algorithm update available in the newly FDA 510(k) cleared device that expands Snapshot’s abilities to measure StO2 in skin with high melanin content on all areas of the body.

“It’s always invigorating to feel the energy from such impactful events. We see our product making changes in the industry and being able to interact with the best in the field is a great opportunity,” says Pierre Lemire, Kent Imaging CEO. He continues, “This year is especially exciting as Kent is showcasing KD205, our latest SnapshotNIR model, which keeps Kent at the forefront with an imaging algorithm that can assess patients of more skin tones at any soft tissue location on the body.”

The Kent team is looking forward to connecting with wound care specialists and leaders in the field who are attending the symposium, as well as companies wishing to collaborate to further positively impact patient outcomes.

About Kent Imaging

Kent Imaging, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is a leading innovator in near-infrared tissue oxygenation imaging, which develops, manufactures, and markets medical technology that supports real-time decision-making in wound care, vascular and surgical subspecialties. Kent holds multiple patents in oxygen imaging technology and continues to provide innovative and advanced diagnostic imaging solutions to aid healthcare systems nationally and internationally. SnapshotNIR is supported by clinical evidence demonstrating its ability to help improve clinical decision-making in wound care and reduce healing time. Since receiving FDA and Health Canada clearance in 2017, the technology has been featured in several published articles and peer-reviewed posters. Applying the knowledge gained from clinical trials to patient care promotes consistency of treatment and optimal outcomes.

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Kent Imaging Inc.
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