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Stacey Caster of North Executive Advisors to be Featured on Close Up Radio

NOVI, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, May 17, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Studies show that corporations and organizations are not doing enough to train leaders. A recent Career Builders study shows that 6 out of 10 managers never receive management training. Without adequate training, 46% of employees who transition from individual contributor to a leadership role fail, leading to a 20% drop in engagement, and a 15% decline in performance. Another recent study by Gartner shows that employees reporting to effective managers are 15.4x more likely to be high performers, and 3.2x more likely to stay with that employer.

According to Stacey Caster of North Executive Advisors, “We are not doing a good enough job preparing employees to become successful leaders. Too often, businesses offer little to no preparation from individual contributor to leader, and then fail to train these employees again when promoting them from leader of individual contributors to leader of leaders. These leaders are the closest to the work and the individual contributors who make the work happen. Which makes them just as important, if not even more important, as the senior-level leaders of the organization. They can make or break the organization.”

Recognized for her innovative approach to organizational structure and leadership development, Stacey Caster is an emotional intelligence practitioner and educator focused on helping leaders bring their authentic selves. “Years ago, I was lucky to have a colleague who offered me an opportunity to join a mentoring program for mid-level leaders. I said ‘yes’ (so it just takes one person to offer it to you and one ‘yes’ to seize the opportunity). The program was amazing, and shortly after completing it, I was promoted. Seeing the program’s transformation in myself and over 300 other students drove me to understand that I wanted to focus on mentoring, educating, and coaching leaders full-time. As a senior leader, for many years, in large corporations, I was able to affect the local community and my team. As a consultant and through North Executive Advisors, I can impact leaders across the corporate world.”

Two challenges leaders are facing from all industries are emotional intelligence and the 6th Generation Workforce. A recent study from the National Library of Medicine study shows that individuals with higher emotional intelligence tend to perceive more job success, while another from the University of Southern CA and Applied Psychology shows emotional intelligence will be one of the top required skills in business by 2025. Shares Stacey, “As a practitioner in emotional intelligence, I offer assessments and training on the 6 Competencies of Emotional Intelligence to help clients become more self-aware and nurture an awareness of others. It’s all about managing your emotions and understanding others’ emotions.”

For the first time in history, the 6th Generation Workforce is happening. Explains Stacey, “This means we have Baby Boomers to Generation Alpha all working together. Depending on the type of company (mostly retail, corporations and manufacturers with internships), you can now see 6 generations working under one roof. When you combine this phenomenon and the studies that show how you will not be respected if you do not have emotional intelligence it is critical to understand both and incorporate it into your leadership development. The reason why is younger generations tend to follow their own rules. They see right through inauthenticity; by asking questions, they are challenging leaders. Older generations have not worked in an environment where less experienced workers challenge the status quo, leaving a gap of understanding.

“A great example of the basis around this is the #SorryNotSorry tagline. The younger generations use this phrase, wear it on t-shirts, and use it in hashtags. What they’re saying is, ‘I know it may not be accepted for me to feel or behave in this way. I’m sorry because I know it doesn’t meet the norm; although I’m not sorry about who I am or how I feel.’ Parents naturally raise their children to be their authentic self, we are lucky, the younger generations are in touch with their’ authentic self. Everyone needs help learning how to bring that level of authenticity into the professional workplace that works across all generations,” explains Stacey.

With certifications as a Master Facilitator and executive coach, Stacey offers session facilitation, training, coaching, and speaking engagements. The Corporate Athlete Academy, offered in customizable levels, trains and coaches leaders at all stages. “Right now the industry standard is offer just training, and whether or not the employee is able to use what was learned is up to the employee. When employees want on-going support, they hire coaches. The Corporate Athlete Academy combines both to maximize the time and money put into the leaders’ development.”

Stacey also offers workshops on Emotional Intelligence, The Generation Workforce, and Leadership Core Principles.

Everyone should have a leadership coach, no matter the leader level you are at. Stacey shares, “I even have a coach to help me. Everyone has to own their career; no one succeeds alone, especially when starting a new position. When a company does not cover our fees, we always work with individuals to help them achieve their development goals.”

Stacey also offers extensive leadership resources free of charge on her websites StaceyCaster.com, NorthExecutiveAdvisors.com, and LeadershipMomentsPodcast.com. On StaceyCaster.com, visitors can learn how to sign up for access to a community of peers and notification when Stacey’s new book, The Leadership Navigator, Chart Your Course to Leadership Mastery—Your Mentorship Guide is released. The Leadership Moments Podcast transports listeners to the front lines of leadership, while North Executive Advisors offers practical blog articles and free templates on leadership.

Close Up Radio will feature Stacey Caster in an interview with Jim Masters on Friday May 17th at 11am Eastern and with Doug Llewelyn on Friday May 24th at 11am Eastern

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For more information about Stacey Caster and North Executive Advisors, please visit https://www.northexecutiveadvisors.com

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