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WineRun Acquires Wicked Wine Run, Pioneers of the Wine Race Experience, Uniting Tradition With Enhanced Experience in the World of Wine-Infused Races

In a groundbreaking move that is set to redefine the wine and running event landscape, WineRun, the innovative newcomer in wine-themed athletic events, has announced the acquisition of the esteemed Wicked Wine Run, a leader in the wine race industry for over a decade. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in the evolution of participatory sporting and wine tasting experiences, promising to elevate the beloved tradition to new heights.

With a combined experience spanning two decades in organizing premier sporting events, WineRun's leadership is poised to infuse Wicked Wine Run's established series of events with unparalleled production value and a fresh, dynamic vision. The union of WineRun's innovative approach and Wicked Wine Run's rich heritage is expected to create unforgettable experiences for enthusiasts of wine and wellness alike.

A Toast to the Future

WineRun's acquisition of Wicked Wine Run is not just a merger of two entities but a blending of philosophies. WineRun is quickly making a name for itself with its unique blend of athletic rigor and oenophilic pleasure, organizing events that cater to both the adventurous spirit and the connoisseur's palate. The integration of Wicked Wine Run, with its loyal following of over 1.4 million participants since its inception, is set to expand the reach of wine-themed athletic events across the nation.

"We are thrilled to bring Wicked Wine Run into the WineRun family," said Brogg Sterrett, Co-Founder of WineRun. "Their decade-long history of excellence and community building in the wine run niche is unparalleled. Together, we are poised to elevate the wine run experience, blending the thrill of the race with the sophistication of wine tasting, all set against the backdrop of some of the most picturesque vineyards and locales around."

Elevating the Experience

Woodrow Zeigangel, WineRun advisor, said: "At WineRun, we're not just about creating memorable events; we're about opening doors to the diverse world of American wines. Our goal is to spotlight local wineries and bring regional treasures to our participants, making the rich flavors of the U.S., from California's valleys to Texas' vineyards, accessible to all. Every race is a chance to discover something new, turning each event into a journey of wine discovery for our attendees."

Under the new leadership, enthusiasts can expect enhancements to the Wicked Wine Run events, including state-of-the-art production, immersive experiences, and broader wine selections, all while preserving the cherished traditions that have made these events a staple in the community. The combined expertise of WineRun's event organizing prowess and Wicked Wine Run's deep-rooted connections within the wine industry promises to deliver events that are not only races but celebrations of fitness, wine, and camaraderie.

Join Us on the Journey

As WineRun and Wicked Wine Run embark on this exciting new chapter, we extend an invitation to athletes, wine lovers, and adventurers to join us in celebrating this union. Together, we will continue to create experiences that celebrate the joy of running, the art of wine, and the beauty of bringing people together.

For updates on upcoming events and more information on the future of wine-themed athletics, please visit www.winerun.com/event.

About WineRun

Founded in 2024, WineRun is swiftly ascending as a standout in the realm of wine-themed athletic events, offering a unique blend of a 5k run paired with the refinement of wine tasting. Under the leadership of Brogg Sterrett, a visionary with a storied history in event organization, WineRun stands at the forefront of creating unparalleled, high-quality experiences. Sterrett is renowned for pioneering the largest Fun Run in the United States with the Bubble Run and for his foundational role in Terrain Racing. He exited both companies before co-founding Cool Events, where he helped grow the company to over $20M in annual revenue before selling it in 2021. He brings over two decades of expertise in sports event management. His journey began in the mid-1990s, with a focus on cycling and running, eventually leading to the creation of BBSC Endurance Sports, which set new standards for event logistics and participant experience. Sterrett's innovative approach, proven by his successful ventures and his notable contributions as a keynote speaker at USAT events, underscores WineRun's dedication to wellness, enjoyment, and community. Leveraging his rich background, including his involvement with Xterra Championship Triathlons and the TriUtah acquisition, Sterrett's leadership is poised to propel WineRun to new heights, making it a beacon for wine lovers and fitness enthusiasts alike.

About Wicked Wine Run

Established in 2013, Wicked Wine Run, recognized as one of the nation’s leading running experiences, has been at the forefront of the wine race industry, hosting events that blend the thrill of a 5k run with the leisurely pleasure of a wine tasting. With entertaining over a hundred thousand people annually, Wicked Wine Run has cultivated a vibrant community of runners and wine enthusiasts across the nation.

Contact Information:
Entity Sterrett
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+1 310-919-2620

Original Source: WineRun Acquires Wicked Wine Run, Pioneers of the Wine Race Experience, Uniting Tradition With Enhanced Experience in the World of Wine-Infused Races
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