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Wondercide Shares Simple Steps to Keep Summer’s Worst Pests at Bay.

Wondercide Shares Simple Steps to Keep Summer’s Worst Pests at Bay.

The Wondercide infographic demonstrates the facts about mosquitoes.

Effective Strategies for Enjoying Summer Avoiding Mosquitoes with Wondercide’s Expert Advice.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Often, they aren’t noticed until it’s too late. A relaxing day outside, lounging in a hammock, reading a book, and sipping a fruity drink can quickly be interrupted. Without realizing it, nature’s vampires – mosquitoes – have targeted the unsuspecting. These annoying critters become active in the warmer months and attempt to spoil the summer fun. However, there are ways to ensure every outdoor experience remains top-notch. Wondercide offers tips and tricks for tackling the mosquito epidemic and winning this fight once and for all.

Invite in natural predators.

The enemy of an enemy is a friend. By creating a hospitable environment for a mosquito’s predator, a powerful weapon against these bothersome bugs is unleashed. A common predator of mosquitoes is the dragonfly. These winged creatures feed on mosquitoes, reducing their numbers significantly. Like mosquitoes, dragonflies are attracted to water. Building a small pond may draw more mosquitoes, but it will also attract their arch-enemy to control their population. Additionally, planting flowers will attract more food for the dragonflies, increasing the likelihood of them settling into the garden.

In addition to dragonflies, a celebrated bug hunter is the bat. Bats feed off of various unwanted insects, including mosquitoes. Bats can eat up to 50% of their weight in bugs each night, and twice that much when pregnant. A nursing female bat can eat up to 4,000 small insects in one night! Little brown bats are known to eat about 500 mosquitoes overnight. That’s 500 missed opportunities for these vampire bugs to suck someone’s blood.

How can bats be lured to help take care of the mosquito problem? There are proven ways to build a bat house that will attract these pest control vigilantes. The key is to find a location about 15 feet off the ground that receives plenty of sunlight and has access to nearby water. It’s preferable that the bat house is close to a body of water or small water source so the mother bat will not have to travel far and leave her young behind for a long time. Unlike a birdhouse, a homemade bat house should be tight and narrow to suit a bat’s spatial preferences. In addition to being narrow, bats prefer their space to be hot, which is why many bat houses are painted black to attract more heat. Alternatively, a bat house can be purchased if woodworking is not an option.

For those who like to garden with a purpose, there are ways to fill the yard with natural mosquito repellents. This list of plants and flowers is known to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

• American beautyberry

• Bee balm

• Basil

• Catmint

• Marigolds

• Rosemary

• Sage

Keep things dry.

This is a simple solution to the mosquito problem. Water is an essential nesting ground for mosquitoes. The bloodthirsty creatures that get caught mid-bite after leaving annoying welts are actually in the fourth and final stage of their life. Up until this stage, mosquitoes grow in water. Life starts with a splash for these pesky flies as female mosquitoes lay their eggs in pools of water. They can lay up to 100 eggs at a time, so it’s important to prevent them from breeding. This goes beyond water in puddles and bird baths. Mosquitos will take any water they can get, including water in open bottles or sitting in bottle caps. Regularly changing standing water and keeping water out of features in the yard could reduce the risk of running into these pesky biters. These items include:

• Gutters

• Buckets

• Birdbaths

• Depressions in the lawn

• Flower pot trays

• Grill and garbage pan covers

• Tarps

• Water bowls for pets

• Wheelbarrows


An essential pest prevention tool for most bugs, including mosquitoes, is to keep the yard as neat and clean as possible. Clean out the gutters, mow the grass, rake the leaves, sweep the porch, and do any other regular maintenance the space may require. Any debris, moist leaves, dirt, or grass could generate a perfect hotbed for mosquitoes to set up camp. By keeping the yard clean, the potential for an accidental mosquito breeding ground to form is eliminated.

More ways to try to keep mosquitoes away.

It may seem like these stealthy critters know their way around the air space, but mosquitoes are not strong fliers. A good way to have the upper hand is to plug in a fan on the porch or patio to simply blow these vampire bugs away. However, it’s important to only use the fan when there are people out on the deck to preserve energy resources.

In addition to a fan, lights have been proven to affect mosquitoes’ attendance. Studies have shown that mosquitoes are less attracted to warm-colored lights such as orange and yellow than they are to cooler colors. So, setting up some warm lights on the porch or outdoor seating area could help reduce the number of mosquitoes that come around.

Alternative pest protection.

Sometimes the measures taken can’t prevent nuisance insects from invading. They still make their way in. Luckily, there is a solution. Wondercide’s Outdoor Pest Control is a plant-powered method that will kill existing mosquitoes and repel others while allowing for more enjoyable time outdoors. With zero artificial colors, fragrances, or dyes, Wondercide’s bug spray has been independently lab-tested and proven to work. Plus, it’s safe around pets, people, and pollinators when used as directed. The Complete Control Mosquito Kit comes equipped with everything needed to battle these nasty blood suckers and win. As an added layer of protection outside, Insect Repellent for Family comes in four fresh scents and will repel mosquitoes and ticks to preserve the outdoor adventure and fun.

Indoor Protection.

Sometimes, the issue is inside the house. Unfortunately, mosquitoes have a bad habit of sneaking their way into people’s homes. Don’t panic! There are smart solutions. Wondercide’s Flying Insect Trap uses patented Blu-V light to attract mosquitoes, moths, fruit flies, and gnats, then the sticky cartridge captures them. It’s a hands-free method of putting a stop to these obnoxious intruders. The trap is designed to kill flying insects without any annoying zaps or buzzing sounds. Just simply plug it in and let the trap go to work. It can be set up in any room and works ongoing without constant maintenance.

Wondercide hopes this information is beneficial and helps prevent mosquitoes from running the show. These insects love to spoil summer fun, and enough is enough. No more scratching the skin for months on end. No more slapping a friend to kill a bug before it inevitably sinks its teeth in. Let the summer be one long relaxing, refreshing season by the pool and out in the yard without these little buzzing, winged nuisances.


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As a Green America Gold Certified business for high standards in social and environmental impact, the company is woman-founded and driven by love to help you Protect Your Pack® – pets, family, homes, indoors and outdoors, and everything in between.

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