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Nikia “Niki” Pratt of To Know Thy Self LLC to be Featured on Close Up Radio

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, November 7, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — “The mother is the nucleus of the family,” observes our guest. “I would like to tell all women, especially mothers, to treat themselves as their own MVP (Most Valuable Player). We are the MVPs of our lives and we must treat ourselves as such. As moms, we tend to put ourselves last and assign more value to everyone else’s needs and desires – including our families, friends, neighbors, careers, projects, etc. When the mother is the best version of herself, everyone surrounding her benefits.” This is the story of Nikia “Niki” Pratt.

Nikia “Niki” Pratt is a “Moach” (Mom Coach) at To Know Thy Self LLC, where she coaches “mompreneurs” (mom entrepreneurs). Niki clarifies that mompreneurs can also include mothers and women who are professionals working a 9-5 job. She also adds that they do not necessarily need to have certain qualifications such as a degree or earning a certain amount of money – she serves mothers and women employed in the workforce as well.

“Inspired by my divorce in 2017 and my Christian faith, it became apparent to me that it was my life’s mission to equip mompreneurs with the tools required to operate at their maximum potential and unleash a life of abundance,” explains Niki. “When working with each mompreneur, we create a plan that is tailored to meet their needs and lifestyles. This plan positions the mother to sustain a healthy balance between work life, family file, and mindfulness.”

“Operating nationally and internationally, I have a one-on-one moaching program,” adds Niki. “Every mom I encounter is unique; therefore it’s not a one-size-fits-all program. The mom and I collaborate and decide which issues are most important to her and create a plan of action/framework together. The framework includes the mother and myself creating a mission statement for her life. This is extremely important because much like a business, the mission statement is the ‘Why’ behind her purpose. After the mission statement is established, I then ask the mom three questions. First, I will ask her ‘what are your top three strengths?’ Second, I will ask ‘what do you yearn to do?’ Third, I will give her the following fill-in-the-blank – ‘If I were not afraid, I would…’ This is for the mom to self-reflect and to begin exploring who she is outside of being a mother, professional, entrepreneur, wife, etc.”

“In addition to being a Moach, I am an international motivational speaker,” mentions Niki. “Having spoken locally, nationally and internationally on several platforms, I primarily speak about women’s empowerment and personal development. My target audience when speaking is women. The women do not necessarily have to be moms, but in order for my message to resonate with folks, the crowd should be primarily women. Niki often has upcoming speaking engagements, so if you are interested in her speaking at your next event, please refer to her website.

Much of Niki’s experience can be traced back to her work as a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW). For over twenty years, she worked at the Baltimore City Department of Human Services. “I started out as a front-line worker where I investigated matters surrounding child abuse,” recalls Niki. “I worked my way through the ranks and became a front-line supervisor, a division chief, a program manager, and ultimately the Assistant Deputy Director. Throughout my 20-year tenure, I worked with hundreds of children and families. My experience showed me the profound impact every mother has on the family unit. As a moach, I have shifted my focus from the family unit to the individual mother. I left my six-figure in July of 2023 to pursue my dreams full time.”

“I have the pleasure of adding the title of ‘author’ to my resume,” explains Niki. “Published about a year ago, the book I wrote is a novel titled Picture Perfect. It is a story loosely based on my life. Nina, the main character, is a mother, wife, and professional who from the outside looking in appears to have a picture-perfect life. She seemingly is balancing it all until her world comes crashing down around her and she is forced to build from ground zero.”

Niki also announces her new line of t-shirts being released this month. “A powerful line of apparel empowering women to conquer challenges with style.” she explains. “These shirts are meant to compliment every woman’s body type, personality, and lifestyle. I purposefully designed shirts that would make bold statements to remind women and the world of the power she holds.”

“The mission statement for my life is to operate at my maximum potential and live a life of abundance,” concludes Niki.

Close Up Radio will feature Nikia “Niki” Pratt in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on Thursday November 9th at 1pm Eastern

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