How To Easily Delete “Powered By Blogger” From Blogger Templates

The Attribution gadget is the gadget in the footer that says “Powered by Blogger“. If you have tried to remove thin then you may have noticed this gadget is locked into your blog. You can remove it by following various methods. I have a solution for you.  Follow the simple given-below steps.

1. First, log in your blog and click on “Template” from your blogger Dashboard”.

2. Now, Back-Up your template for your templates safety.

3. Then click on “Edit HTML

4. After that press  ctrl+f    from your keyboard.After pressing you will see a “Search Bar”.

5. Type the code are given below on that Search Bar” and press enter.


6. After finding that code , Copy and Paste the following code are given below Just before on that code(]]></b:skin>) you search to find.

#Attribution1 {display: none;}

7. Then click on “Save Template” and exit from there.

That’s Over. Now, I can assure you that the “Powered By Blogger” line will not show on your Blogger Blog.


Hints: Sometimes, We may see that the “Powered By Blogger” line also situated on Blogger Widget. So, You should need to remove that widget also to remove that line. If, That widget is not possible to remove directly, you need to modify some things.

Let’s start ;

Again, Follow the Working procedure

or: #3d85c6;”>1 , 2 , 3 and 4 . Now Find the code given below :

<b:widget id=’attribute’ locked=’true’ title=’Attribute’ type=’HTML’>

Then replace the   ‘true’   to    ‘false’    as like as given below code and click on Save Template.

<b:widget id=’attribute’ locked=’false’ title=’Attribute’ type=’HTML’>

Then try to remove the widget from the Layout Option. I wish Now you will be able to remove that widget

Now “Powered By Blogger” line will not show on your Blogger Blog. Thank YOu.

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